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Metrotool offers a vast range of cutting tools that are manufactured in Europe. These well-established companies with a need for perfection, are namely;
Walter Titex Specialists in drills and metric taps.
Walter Prototyp Specialists in threading tools (taps), metric, imperial and milling cutters.
Kemet Lapping, Polishing, Metallography and Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines [more...]
Granlund Specialing in front and back-spot-facing tools. Grandlund have 1300 parts consisting of holders, cutters, pilots and drills. [more...]
  Walter Titex Drilling
Microbore Tooling Systems fine boring systems includes boring bars, Microbore indexable cartridges, Microbore brazed cartridges, Microbore Gear Adjust (GA), EM-Series Fine Boring Tools, Adapter Bushes, FVM Toolholders, Microbore boring rings, Twinbore and Tribore and bespoke customer specified tooling. [more...]
The S.C.A.M.I. company was founded in 1973, as a firm specialising in generic mechanical production. They specialise in cutting tool manufacturing. [more...]
We offer a large range of diameters and lengths of core drills From diameter 12 mm to 120mm. Flute lengths 25, 55, 80 and 110 mm longs. Cutters made from high speed steel, Coated, and CARBIDE TIPPED.
Featured Product/s
With the three brands Walter, Walter Titex and Walter Prototyp (for turning, drilling, milling and threading) we cover the comprehensive range needed for complete machining and offer a unique range of products.

We open up new potential to our customers to increase their manufacturing productivity and therefore also their competitiveness.

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Walter Titex Drilling
Kemet Lapping Machine   Kemet Diamond Abrasives  
Kemet in the spotlight
Established in 1938, Kemet International Limited is at the forefront of precision lapping and polishing technology, using Diamond Superabrasives, which are manufactured in house to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards. Kemet offer innovative solutions to operations which demand precision finish and close tolerance.

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