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A worldwide concept in drilling

The smaller and deeper the hole, the bigger the challenge. Whether you need more universally applicable drilling solutions for varied applications or a highly specific and unique use, tools from Walter and Walter Titex are exact, efficient and economical.

Walter: Exact, efficient and economical.

Walter tools for machining, drilling, precision boring and grinding enjoy an excellent reputation among drilling specialists.

Walter tools are extremely accurate, powerful and very economical for machining, steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and difficult-to-cut materails.

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  Walter Titex Drills
Featured Product/s
Walter Titex Xtreme

•  Maximum productivity; at least double that    achievable using conventional tools = more    productivity, lower production costs
•  ALTERNATIVE: double the tool life with    conventional cutting data = e.g. fewer tool    changes
•  High process reliability
•  Excellent surface quality
•  Varied application possibilities with regard to    materials and application (e.g. MQL)
•  Ensures free machine capacity

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Walter Titex solid carbide tools for drilling
The new solid carbide drill Walter Titex X·treme PLUS is an innovative masterpiece and it sets new standards. This high-tech tool has a unique multifunctional double coating for extremely high cutting speeds.

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