METROTOOL - General Hardware
Metrotool is the proud supplier of the following quality brand names, among others. We will be able to meet any of your general hardware needs, whether it be hard hats for a construction site, power tools or your everyday nuts and bolts, Metrotool is your one-stop shop solution.
RACO: Hand Tools  METABO: Power Tools  STAHLWILLE: Spanners & Socket  SPAANJAARD: Lubricants  Genkem: Adhesive  Q20: Sealant  Stanley: Glue Guns; Staple Guns; Trimming Knife; Levels & Screwdrivers  Freeman: Tape Measures  Will: Pliers  Gedore: Sockets & Spanners  Tri-Circle: Padlocks  Matweld: Welding Equipment; Safety Protection  Rigid: Pipe Threading Tools  Mobi Jack: Trolley Jacks; Hydraulic Jacks  Lasher: Garden Tools  Groz: Lubricating Equipment; Marking & Measuring  Cooper: Pliers  Wera: Screwdrivers  Crescent: Pliers 
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