METROTOOL - Boring Bars / Rings
Standard Boring Bars & Boring Rings

A comprehensive range of standard boring bars and boring rings, with sizes and shanks to suit the vast majority of milling machine, boring machine and machining centre applications, is available to complement the MICROBORE fine boring cartridges and units.
Features include:

• Rigid, stable construction.
• Standard boring range 12mm to 465 mm.
• Interchangeable boring rings for use with common
• Two-tool boring bars for combining boring and facing
  operations or rough and finish boring.
• Special multi-tool boring bars are designed for   specific customer applications.

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  Gear Adjust Tooling

The MICROBORE Gear Adjust "GA" tooling system provides additional ease of adjustment, accuracy and precision for use in conjunction with standard MICROBORE fine boring cartridges.With a graduated dial wrench, fast adjustment of the MICROBORE cartridge is achieved through the mating worm and helical gear to achieve precise diameter setting in 2 micron increments.
Boring Tools


The MICROBORE micro adjustable fine boring cartridges and units pioneered the provision of quick, easy boring tool adjustment while holding precise limits of accuracy.  MICROBORE offers more standard cartridges in more sizes and in more grades, including the provision for indexable inserts, than any other manufacturer of adjustable cutting tools, to ensure that, the correct tool geometry can be selected for a specific application.

Select from (also view image on the left):

•  ISO triangular, centre screw, indexable insert
•  ISO 80º Rhomboid, centre screw, indexable
   insert cartridges.
•  Posicut 75º Rhomboid, centre screw, indexable
   insert cartridges.
•  ISO Triangular, pinlock/clamp headed
   indexable insert cartridges both boring and    turning applications using industry standard    carbide or diamond inserts.
•  Brazed, carbide tipped cartridges for square
   (90º) or angular mounting.
•  High speed steel cartridges.
Twinbore Tooling & Tribore Tooling

Twinbore (2 cutting edges) and Tribore (3 cutting edges) provide a range of heavy duty rough boring tools which enable high metal removal to yield increased productivity while maintaining levels of accuracy which in most cases will eliminate the need for semi-finishing operations. Whether used in the standard or step boring arrangement, the rigid design has proven successful in the machining of bores with noncentral cores and Tribore is ideally suited to the machining of bores with interrupted cuts where the rugged construction is essential to absorb the resultant cutting forces.

• Twinbore boring range 28mm to 1,015mm.
• Tribore boring range 48mm to1,015mm.
• Each cutting edge can be independently adjusted for    accurate setting of the bore size. 
  Modular Tooling Systems

The proprietary features of MICROBORE, Gear Adjust, Twinbore and Tribore are all available on couplings for modular tooling systems.

• Modular Twinbore
• Modular Tribore
• Modular Boring Bars
• Modular Boring Rings
• Modular Gear Adjust Bars
• Modular Gear Adjust Boring Rings
• Modular Gear Adjust Boring Heads
• Modular Adaptors 
• Modular Reducers and Extensions
Short Hole Drills

The MICROBORE indexable Short Hole Drill ranges offer a wide selection of high speed/high feed drills that will produce a hole from solid prior to finish boring. The whole range will machine to depths of 3 x diameter with through coolant for chip removal and long insert life. All drills throughout the range offer the following qualities: 
• 80° - drill styles.
• Unique geometry for accelerated swarf evacuation.
• Composite shank for lathes and rotary tool holders.
• Self centering drilling, even on uneven surfaces.
• Low axial and balanced radial cutting forces.
• Quick and simple insert changing.
• Special spiral flute design to eject the chips rapidly and efficiently
• Special drills made to customer specification. - web design, graphic design, printing, internet, hosting, annual reports, logo design, business card design, web site, web development, email